Sunday, September 6, 2015

SATMO 2015

I'ma  little late on this one but never the less.

On Saturday August 22nd the 4th South African Tertiary Maths Olympiad was held.  The final results can be seen here. A large thanks to Stephan Wagner for organizing the contest, and to Margaret Archibald, Steven James, Celeste Johnson and Shunmuga Pillay for helping out with invigilating at Wits.

Also I must thank the Mathematical Science Students Council at Wits for advertising the event far far better than I could ever have done. In the end we had 35 Wits students sat the exam.

I plan to do another post on the statistics of the exam over the last few years fairly soon but for now I'll simply say congrats to the winners and to everyone who took part.


  1. Rodney Dankie DlaminiJuly 11, 2016 at 5:11 AM

    I am studying Bachelor of Accounting at Wits and I'm interested in participating in the olympiad. I don't know how the registration process works. Could you please help me

    1. If you're interested in the 2017 version (sorry I only got back to blogging now) then it'll be some time in late august. Usually its show up and write on a Saturday. I will make a blog post advertising it at some point and you should feel free to contact me in late July/early August about it.